Big Things Come in Small Watches

Technology is Empowering!   

Technology moves fast.   No surprises there of course. 

However, one major aspect of technology innovation is putting more capabilities into a smaller space.  Smart watches are benefitting greatly from the continued technological innovation.  More capabilities in a smaller device.

As with all new technologies, the initial price is typically high - at first.  For many reasons, there are people are the first on the block to purchase the latest and the greatest.   These are called early adopters.   As far back as 1972, the very first "smart watch" was introduced since it had a digital LED display. And you had to press a button to see the time.

Fast forward to the year 2000.  Digital watches have now gotten "smarter" and now contained a type of computer inside. About 10 years later, watches started capturing information and having "apps".

Smart watches have been around for at least a decade and continue to get smarter and smarter.

And now that there are so many types of watches on the market, it has become a very competitive market. That is good for us, the consumer:

  • More Features

  • Availability

  • Compatibility

  • Cost-effective

  • And more...


Bottom Line:  This is the best time to purchase a smart watch!